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Friday, February 3, 2012

Eleven Legacy

Elven Legacy: Ranger

OUTLAWS bring this small expansion-addon – Elven Legacy: Ranger. To play it you’ll need to have previously installed Elven Legacy available also as scene release: Elven.Legacy-SKIDROW.

Description: Thrust back in to the sacred kingdoms, Elven Legacy: Ranger sees our hero, Cornelius sent on a top secret mission by the Grand Master of the Order of Marcus to prepare their return to the continent from exile. Trusting only Cornelius, the most skilled of the rangers, he is tasked with finding the perfect site for their imminent landing.
With the shadows as his ally, and his blade as his deadly accomplice, Cornelius must use all his skills and elusiveness in order to stay one step ahead of his enemies, and in return strike fear into their hearts as he brings death to their doorstep!


                   /     /     P R O U D L Y    P R E S E N T S . . .
                  /     /
           |\____/     /____________________ ______ _____ ____ ___ __  _
           |  __      _____________________//_____//____//___//__//_/ // /
           |  \/     /
           |        /     GAME ......... Elven Legacy Ranger
           |       /      LANGUAGE ..... English
           |       \      DEVELOPER .... Paradox
           |        \     DISKS ........ 24x.5.00MB
           |_________\    DATE ......... 20/10/2009
                          GENRE ........ GAME
                          PROTECTION ... none
                          RiPPED ....... NOthing!
       ____________________________________ ______ _____ ____ ___ __  _
       \  ________________________________//_____//____//___//__//_/ // /
        \ \
         \ \/\
          \   \          _______ _________ _________ ______
          /____\        _\_____/  __     (_   _____(   .  (_
                       /_______\__/________\    _|__________\
          ORIGINAL GAME TO PLAY!                                       
           The Order of Marcus, long dormant in its isolation, is       
          expanding. The renowned ranger Cornelius, armed with his     
          spear and trained in the arts of subterfuge, has been         
          tasked with preparing the world of Illis for the coming of   
          the order.                                                   
          New Features Ranger Cornelius possesses a holy spear that     
          can apply special powers to his attacks. In Elven Legacy,     
          each unit's operation could only be performed once per turn   
          - one move and one attack. Ranger Cornelius can now use       
          special attributes of his sacred spear without losing his     
          turn.  For example, he can activate a paralysing stroke and   
          then throw the spear at the enemy. The enemy unit will not   
          only suffer damage from the attack, but they will also be     
          unable to move during the enemyÆs turn.                       
          Additional new features in Elven Legacy: Ranger:             
              * 16 new missions                                         
              * 3 new heroes                                           
              * 5 unique artifacts                                     
              * 12 new spells                                           
          If you like the game, support the developers and buy it!



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